Diana (DJ) Throgmorton

I work with business people to get them to their absolute Peak Performance through
* Weekly Coaching/Accountability Sessions
* Financial Planning Tools & Reports
* Goal Setting and Monitoring Tools
* Budgeting Systems
* Organizational Models
* Track Key Metrics using a on-line tracking systems for all areas of business.

I offer a FREE Business Assessment and one Coaching Session to show you these tools and systems.

  • *Individual Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching
  • *Group or Team Coaching
  • * Proprietary Business Management * *System which monitors -
  • *Financial Goals vs Actual Sales -
  • *Budget Planning /
  • *Expense Control -
  • *Prospecting/Customer Retention Program - *Time Management Program -
  • *Employee Hiring/Retention Programs
  • Cost? Less than a Virtual Assistant… which you probably don't need after you get set up on this system.

Contact: Diana "DJ" Throgmorton

Mobile Phone: 941-779-3943

Website: https://www.mymapscoach.com

2754 Canyon Crest Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33811